Our Teachers
Colleen Goldblatt


Colleen is Gan Gani's Director and Teacher for the Monday/Tuesday group. She also coordinates the Jewish program at the kindy. She graduated in South Africa with a four year degree in Education (specialising in primary school) and furthered her studies in Australia where she attained her Early Childhood Qualification. Colleen strongly believes in instilling a culture of respect, tolerance and acceptance amongst the children and their families at kindy as well as in the larger community. Colleen has a long standing affiliation with the kindy with both her children having been part of the special Gan Gani family. 

Therese Tomlin


Therese is the Teacher working with the Thursday/Friday group and is Gan Gani's Educational Leader. Therese has extensive experience working with children and young people in a variety of educational settings, both abroad and at home. She holds a Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Arts, and a Graduate Diploma in Editing and Publishing. Therese enjoys cooking, gardening and camping with her young family. She is passionate about child protection and instilling children with a sense of self, and overall enjoys interacting with families in the community though her role at Gan Gani Kindergarten.


Alexandra Cope


Alex is the Educator working with the Monday/Tuesday group. She holds a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) and a Bachelor of Arts. Alex has worked for many years as a teacher and more recently a research officer in the field of social and emotional development. She loves working with children and their families to support their learning and development. Alex and her husband have two children, a dog, and a cat.  She loves spending time with her family and friends, travelling, reading, bush walking and swimming in the ocean.

Lori Brown


Lori is the Educator for the Thursday/Friday group. She is a long-standing and devoted member of the Gan Gani team and brings a wealth of experience in early education, and in the support and care of young people.


Stefanie Eager

Stefanie works part time (Tuesday & Thursday) in the office and is responsible for administration and assisting the treasurer with the finances. Stefanie holds a Diploma in Marketing & Management and is a busy mother of one boy and two girls.  In her spare time, Stefanie enjoys gardening and baking.    

Sally Twina

Sally has extensive experience teaching in kindergarten settings both in Australia and the United Kingdom and is working in the Thursday/Friday group in the role of Inclusion Support. She holds a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood and has special interest in the areas of children’s literature, art and nature education. Sally enjoys yoga, gardening and going on outdoor adventures with her young family.   

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