Jewish Curriculum

As a part of our multi-cultural program, Gan Gani Kindergarten incorporates a unique Jewish curriculum that honors the heritage and traditions of our founding community and our Jewish families. It also provides a window into this culture for our non-Jewish families.

Gan Gani welcomes children of all backgrounds to experience Jewish cultural traditions through music, art, stories, cooking and food which celebrate daily and weekly customs and annual festivals. This program allows children of Jewish faith to practice and celebrate their culture in a safe and nurturing environment, and children of other faiths and backgrounds to experience first-hand the richness and tradition of a different culture.

Through this, Gan Gani helps to foster understanding, acceptance, well-being and the valuing of the cultural diversity that exists in our community.

Gan Gani Community Kindergarten
691-695 Fig Tree Pocket Road 
Fig Tree Pocket  QLD  4069

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